Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Twas The Night Before Christmas

The following is the video clip of Twas The Night Before Christmas'. Santa Claus reads 6 Christmas Stories for Children on DVD. This video clip is a sample version of one of those stories. One can find the Lyrics of the Story here. The following clip has some wonderful comments about the video of Santa Claus telling the story.

"i absaloutly love you please maek another one i watch this everyday i love christmas its the best time of year my grandad used to read me this christmas eve he passed last year now i think il load up you on youtube with a cup of coco and watch this xxxxxxxxxxx p.s theres something realy magical about you xxxxxxxxxx"

" i love christmas, this made me tear up it was wonderful. god bless you!"

The following one is not read by Santa Clause but has nice video where real mouse, chimney, Children and ......... are shown, watch it if the kids would like to see this version. The following version would make it easier for kids and parents, who would like to remember the lyrics.

The following is the cartoon or animated version. Kids love to watch cartoons, so surely they should like this, and it can bring back the memories of parents when they were kids.

This animated version comes with good music, "let it snow" by Frank Sinatra

The following one is a song from 60's, Huey 'Piano' Smith and the clowns (1962), from one of the greatest Christmas albums of all time. The animated picture are also attractive as the beautiful song.

Children have always loved Walt Disney World. This video, A rendition of "The Night Before Christmas" at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom - Mickey's, Very Merry Christmas Party Minnie, Goofy magic kingdom dance in Disneyland, should be loved by children. And yet below is the video of this classic story read by voice over actors of animated movies.

So these are few collected videos from You Tube, of the classic story , "Twas The Night Before Christmas", a Christmas gift you can give to the loved kids.

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