Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Walt Disney - Three Little Pigs

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Great animated film of the classic story for kids.

Two pigs build houses of hay and sticks, and play on their flute and fiddle, all the while scoffing at their brother, building the brick house that takes substantially more work. The wolf comes around and blows their houses down and they run to their brother's brick house, the only house able to withstand all the huffing and puffing. Throughout this clip, they sing the classic song, "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?".

Some good and interesting comments from you tube to tell more about the video clip

* OMG i watched this all the time when i was really little, we had it on VHS...thanks so much

* LOL @ the pictures in the background of the brick house at 8:14!!

* What a quality!!
LOve it!!
Thanks for posting

* ahh the classics

* Genious!

* Those Pigs rule.

* What's very clever moral? The Great Space Coaster?

* Very clever moral. :) :)

* yeah that was an old looneytunes cartoon i used to watch.

* Did you know that when Walt Disney was a young animator in St. Louis,Missouri, he was fired by his editor for his lack of creativity!?

* Did you know that Walt Disney originally wanted to call Mickey Mouse ,Mortimier Mouse? But his Wife Lillian said, How about Mickey instead?

* Walt Disney was A True Genius! May he always rest in peace in heaven. Donald Duck made his first appearance in a Walt Disney Silly Symphony short back in the year 1934!

* wasn't there a silly simphony where the wolf dressed like a ballet dancer in a tree?

* Thanks for posting this, my Disney fairy tale vhs broke and now I don't have it anymore. It had Mickey and the Beanstalk, Red Ridinghood, this, The Prince and the Pauper, Mr. Toad, Sleepy Hollow, The Night Before Christmas, and The Brave Little Taylor.

* Billy Bletcher was the voice of the wolf...and he continued to use that voice at other studios as well {especially at Warner Bros.}- Pinto Colvig was the voice of the "Smart Pig"....

* I'm poor little old sheep with no place to sleep lol Good times

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