Thursday, January 31, 2008

Animated Stories Lord Hanuman

This online streaming video contains animated stories of Lord Hanuman in Hindi Language , His childhood Bal Hanuman. Hanumanji is also called as Anjani Putra, Pavan Putra and Kesari Nandan He parents names were Vanar Raj Kesari (His father) and Anjani (His mother). Lord or Veer Hanuman is the avatar of Lord Shiva, Shivji took birth in form of Veer Hauman to serve Lord Rama and destroy the demon Rama.

Many stories of Lord Hanuman's bravery and Bhakti (devotion) are given in Valmiki's Ramayana. Lord Vishni took Avatar as Lord Rama. This amazing stories are filled with moral, inspiration and good teachings.

This video clip shows the stories related to the birth of Lord Hanuman which are filled with miracles, thrill and adventure. This stories takes us back into time from the present to the past, in Treta Yuga.

The king of Vanaras Kesari and his wife Anjani use to live of Mont Sumeru. They had all the comforts yet they were not at peace of mind, reason being they did not have any child. They meet a powerful Rishi to solve this particular problem they had.

The Rishi says to them that they certainly will have a putra (male child), and continues that but the way to that was immensely difficult. Anjani replies that she was ready for any hardships for getting a son. The Rishi replies that she will have to go to mountain range of Vindhyachal and pray to Pavan Dev (the God of winds). After taking bath in the river she will have to do Tapasya to please Pavan Deva. Vanrraj Kesari and Anjani take their way to the Mount Vindhyachala with new hopes of getting a child and becoming parents.

Days and nights passes, harsh weathers the hot sun of summers, the harsh cold of winters and heavy downpour of monsoons passes but they could not break the determination and tapasya of this couple. Anjani was determined t please Pavan deva.

On the otherside of the world Lord Agni (God of fire) gave a miraculous fruits to King Dashratha and asked him to give them to his queens to eat. With which they will give birth to Godly sons. Out of five fruits given to king Dasratha a bird comes flying from the sky and flies away picking one of the fruits from them. Pavan dev was watching this, and as soon as the eagle dropped that fruit he got hold of it and gives the fruit to Anjani.

The cartoon stories continues.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alphesh,

Thank you for this great posting on Hanuman,my daughter was asking me last few days about Bala Hanuman Stories.Keep posting such great info.


Alpesh said...

Aum Sai Ram,

i have arranged the other video clips and linked them on this post. Your daughter can enjoy all the parts. Better to go on you tube by clicking on the video and watch in full screen, or download them and watch.

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