Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tales of Akbar and Birbal part 1

This video clips series has online animated short stories of Akbar and Birbal, in Hindi language. The stories of Akbar and Birbal are legendary, the wisdom of Birbal is shown in each story where he is tested by the Emperor and his court which is jealous of Birbal's wisdom and intelligence.

This stories many a times contains social and humorous elements along with the intelligence and wisdom.

This video clip while i watched seemed to have some problems with the visual and audio combination. However, the story goes like follow.

A great magician from Iran, visits the royal court of Shehenshah Akbar. He has come with a challenge of solving a riddle. The riddle being the tiger's statue has to be removed from the cage, without touching the tiger or touching the cage. Sehenshah Akbar turns to Birbal for the solution of the riddle. Another court member Sukhdev Singh being jealous of Birbal asks king Akbar to get a chance for the solution to the riddle, so that he too can get some name and fame. King Akbar readily agrees. Sukhdev Singh puts one of the best magician from India to solve the riddle placed by the magician of Iran. Naturally a magician against a magician seemed good idea.

The magician tries his magical trick but probably fails as the boxes used for illusion were not his own but from a different magician from a different country and different learning. Sukhdev Singh flees on seeing the failure.

The solution of the riddle naturally goes to Birbal as he has been doing it successfully over years. Birbal orders for two red hot iron rods. The iron rods are backed red hot on oven and brought to Birbal. Birbal inserts his hands carefully so that they did not touch the cage. He brings the rods near the tiger's state. The statue starts melting and eventually melts totally and flows out of the cage.

Every body applause for the success. Birbal tells king Akbar, that it was an easy riddle as the statue was made out of wax. And the wax melted away due to the heat emitted from the red hot iron rods.

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