Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Songs videos a list video Christmas Cards

Since Christmas is near, few days the theme of this blog will be more concentrated on Christmas. This post contains few of very good Christmas songs found on You Tube. Some one would suggest the best Christmas songs.

The first one "Podsafe Christmas Song", is a a music video from Jonathan Coulton. Podsafe" means it's OK to play the song on your podcast without being sued. The R.I.A.A. is the Recording Industry Association of America, the guys who think everyone who's ever downloaded a song is a pirate and should be sued.

This is a nice video with a good song.

The next one "THE CARPENTERS - CHRISTMAS SONGS", is from the Carpenters, sung by beautiful pure voice of Karen. The video includes the songs "Christmas Walz", "Christmas song" and "Merry Christmas darling".

The next video starts with the wish "Merry Christmas to You." Yet another good Christmas montage with Nat King Cole singing "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire"

The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole, 1946. Good piano and beautiful pleasing vocals. One of the best Christmas songs.

For the fans of Celine Dion, and all those looking to send a greeting card in the form of video. This Christmas song, can be sent as a Video Christmas Card. It would be like many Christmas cards, rolled into one, with the beautiful song sung by Celine Dion.

The following Christmas songDave Matthews and Tim Reynolds is yet another beauty, the comments on You Tube like,

" dis song makes me wana cry nd shea a hug wit every1" ( This song makes me wanna cry and shear a hug with everyone)


" i love Jesus."

Says it all, so don't miss this one. The unplugged version by the duet is just great.

The following is a funny medley of various Christmas songs. Funny yet worth watching and listening to in the celebrating moods. The list of the songs is given if you click on the video and follow the song on You Tube.

Yet another very good video. About the video on You Tube says " My humble attempt at adding video to one of the greatest Christmas Songs yet written.
Music and Lyrics: by Dave Mathews
Video Segments from:
Jesus of Nazareth
Greatest Story Ever Told "

Have a look at some comments on the video made,

" i love this song to death it's so amazing, good job"

" The song came on in the car the other day and I was near tears before it was over - it never fails to get to me."

" Very pretty song" and " very moving.."

Very good video and audio quality, Should not miss this one too.

The next one "Three Beatles' Christmas Songs" are three Beatles Christmas songs edited out of the Christmas messages that they sent their fans each year!

The next one "Christmas Songs - We Wish You a Merry Christmas Lyrics" another good video, which can be sent as Video Christmas Card. A nice and better way to send and e card. If one has a gmail, these videos from You Tube can be easily seen and watched in the e mails itself.

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