Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Few video clips of Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas - Stories

Since Christmas is very near i thought of putting few Christmas stories videos. Searching for them on You Tube, fetched some results of the beauty and the beast in different language versions. Most of the videos have good music and song.

The following clip has some Asian Languages like Mandarin, Thai, Cantonese, Korean. Few of the comments posted on You Tube goes as follows.

The following collection can be good to entertain children. Children from different backgrounds and languages.

"the cantonese sounds so pretty"

"cantonese is wonderful!"

"pshhh korean by far sounds the best, nextmaybe...mandarin"

"Contonese ROCKS!!!!!!!"

The following clip on You Tube titled as Beauty and the Beast 2 - Stories (german),
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From: YamiNoa who uploaded this video has the following comment for the video.
" I didn't found this on youtube so I decided to put this up :3
I like the German version of Stories :3

Ah and sorry for maybe bad timing...I just had the english video and the german song XD and I somehow had to put it together XDD

And the song quality isn't that good too..."

The following clip named "Belle and The Beast-Enchanted Christmas" is another good quality video with a beautiful song that children will love to watch and listen.

The following clip titled "Beauty and the beast 2-Stories (Hebrew)" has
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From: yadid888 's favorite song. The lyrics are also given by the up loader of this video clip on You Tube. Few of the comments on the same found on youtube page,

" wow, this version is awesomee!
and yes, beautiful language! ^^",

" Thanks for putting up the lyrics!"

" Beautiful linguage!"

" Thanks for uploading it !
For Xmas time I'll listen all songs from BatB: The Enchanted Christmas !"

The following video contains beautiful song in Japanese, again with lyrics. Few comments posted on you tube to get you going.

" does any1 know where to buy/download this song??????? :OOO *loves it*"

" wow, the lyrics have a totally different meaning then the english one o.o

I was kinda suprised there."

"does any1 know where to buy/download this song??????? i so want it XD or no wait.... the whole movie in japanese XD i'm so in love with it!!! AAAAHHH!!!"

" my most favourite disney movie of all times! *u*"

The following theme is with the song in German language, again with the lyrics.

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