Monday, September 29, 2008

Prayers for the love of God - A short story of legendary Sufi Rumi

The local daily Gujarati news paper Gujarat Mitra provides with good inspirational short stories. The following one got more intense attention as the story is of the Persian Sufi Saint Mowlana Jalaladdun Rumi.

Stories and poems of Rumi has always attracted me. Rumi is the one of the rarest gems that walked on earth in blood and flesh.

Once the sleep took over Rumi before his evening Namaz. The time of Namaz was getting closer but Rumi was deep in sleep. Just then a weird looking fellow woke him up and told him wake up the time for evening prayers the Namaz is near.

Rumi surprised by the uncanny look of the person enquired who he was. “I am Lucifer.” Came the reply. The element of surprise grew even more on hearing the reply. Lucifer is the king of darkness, creator of conflicts, the chief of Satan. Why would he bother to assist him in prayers and love for God?

Lucifer became aware of the spinning mind of Rumi. He began to give the clarification for his action. He told, “Look first I was born and brought up as the messenger of the light. I have yet not forgotten my roots.”

He continued, “Just like a traveler does not forget his country even if he lives in another country for long, so I have not forgot my roots.”

“My possessive nature got me away from God.” He said. “When God created Adam I suffered from the possessive nature, I became jealous of Adam, and thought that Adam would share my love towards God. Hence I rebelled and joined the work against God.”

Rumi could not believe what he was hearing. There was an argument between both and none got satisfied, as it happens with the arguments. The arguments continued the whole night.

As the sun rays of the early morning shined, Lucifer gave up. He confessed that his intentions were not good. He knew that Rumi did not just prayed as a daily routine. He had intense love for God. Missing the Namaz of the night would have hurt his heart more than anything.

He would regret dearly what happened. He would have prayed and longed for God with more intensity then ever. Lucifer did not wanted to get the prayers and longing for God intensified. As it is the intensity of prayer, that leads one closer to God.

The incident helped Rumi, the prayer and longing for the God from the depth of the heart became more intense.

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