Thursday, November 10, 2011

A sufi story - A lover's attribute.

Baha-ud-din - Naqshabandh was asked to describe attributes of the lover of God. Bahauddin answered, "Once I was standing by the banks of river and beholding the fast flowing waters. I said to the river, Limitless are your blessings in God's creation. You provide water to the humans, to God's kingdom of vegetation, worms and insects, His kingdom of fishes, birds and animals. You provide water for agriculture, industries. Truly, we have no words to express our gratitude."

The river answered, "All I know is that I am eagerly rushing forward to merge with the ocean and be one with it. All that you just said is news to me. My one concern is how soon could I be one with the ocean."

Bahauddin then said, "These are the attributes of the lover of God. His one and only concern is to be united with his beloved. If in the process he becomes the focal point from where God showers his blessings, on one and all. The lover is not aware of it.

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