Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spiritual Masters words - A short story

This is a short story that shows the power and meaning of the words that comes out of a Spiritual Master. Words of a spiritual master are not mere words thrown in air, they are powerful and yield.

Once a Spiritual Master visited a certain city. The disciple begged to the Master to give a mass public darshan. The Master refused for the same and said that, that was not the purpose of His visit. The disciple would not listen to the Master and kept pestering. When the pestering reached a certain limit, the master agreed but said, "He will leave His body, seven days after the mass public darshan."

The disciple took the Master's words lightly. The mass darshan happened and ended on a happy note.

From the next day the disciples noted that Master's health started to improve drastically. He looked younger, pink and stronger every day. This created disturbance in the disciple. The general public started making snide remarks that the Master was hoax and a charlatan.

On the appointed seventh day after the mass darshan, the disturbance of the disciple crossed the limits. In ferocious anger, they themselves stone the Master to death. The words of the master came true to the date and time.

Disciple were in remorse, but it was too late.

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