Friday, November 11, 2011

The appropriate resting place

A Sufi saint Shaikh Abdul Fazal on his death bed inquired to his disciples, if proper arrangements have been made for the burial of his body. On getting the answer in affirmation, the master asked where exactly the burial place was?

The disciples replied that it was reserved in the burial ground for the dignitaries and those with higher social status.

To this Abdul Fazal replied, "Lay me in the burial place reserved up the hill, for the criminals and those considered low in society."

When asked, "Why?"

The Master replied, "Because it is there that Love, Compassion, Mercy, Grace of my beloved is most concentrated, for these unfortunate ones, needs His attention most. I too want to share of my beloved's love and kindness. So make sure that, I am laid to rest up on the hill.

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