Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mulla Nasruddin Story - Self Defence

Billy Goat Gruff Billy Goat at Woodside Conser...
Billy Goat Gruff Billy Goat at Woodside Conservation Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nasruddin was crossing a field when a billy goat charged him. With
no time to escape, the Mulla stood his ground and struck the animal between
the horns with a large rock. The goat dropped to the ground, just as the
owner ran up. 'You've killed my best goat.'

I'm sorry, but it was attempting to kill me.'

'Couldn't you have simply struck it on the rump?'

'I could have,' replied Nasrudin, 'but it was not attempting to
kill me with its rump, but with its horns.'

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