Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nasruddin's "Perfect Woman"

In the above video from youtube  a storyteller Irving Rothstein narrates a very short Mulla Nasruddin story called a 'Perfect Woman'. You can listen this story online on youtube video.

He starts by telling that Nasruddin is a popular character from Sufi literature.

He says in this story Mulla Nasrudin is a sophisticated character, who comes home, to have coffee with his best friend, after wandering around the world.

"Nasruddin", his friend said, "You are smart, sophisticated, elegant and handsome. How is it that you haven't married?"

"Well I am looking for the perfect woman."

"I mean you have never found her well."

"I got closer few times, I met beautiful girl here and there, but you know there was always something lacking." "Except, one time I did find a perfect woman." Well, she was tall, she was beautiful, she was intelligent, she was compassionate, she had everything a man would possibly want."

"Nasrudin, why" he said, "you did not marry her?"

"Alas, She was looking for the perfect man!"

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