Monday, March 31, 2008

Online - Asterix and the Big Fight - Animated full-length feature film

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Asterix and the Big Fight Part 1

Asterix and the Big Fight Part 2

Asterix and the Big Fight Part 3

Asterix and the Big Fight Part 4

Asterix and the Big Fight Part 5

Asterix and the Big Fight Part 6

Asterix and the Big Fight Part 7

Asterix and the Big Fight Part 8

Some good and instructive comments from you tube

* That movie is so damn funny xD

Does anyone know the name of the song?

Reply :

It's called Zonked.

And i would like to be Cacofonix's Bodyguard.

* The swedish dubbing for the Asterix films is perhaps the funniest thing I know of.


* this is a lot different from the book

* Brian Blessed as General Motus! Brilliant!

* too bad only a few were made adapted into cartoons . its good in english but in french , its really a masterpiece .

- 12 task , the britains , cleopatre , all great and La surprise de cesar ( dunno the title in english but its awesome ) too , i prefer Asterix to Tintin although i love tintin .

* I always found strange how Asterix's position changes from 1:05 to 2:10. And that Getafix's scene gave me nightmares for days. Don't do drugs, kids! XD - part 7

* AN 80's song in a cartoon like this? Cool.

* Well, he WAS hit with a menhir...

* If i remember correctly the "Zonked" song or whatever is playing in this scene in the german version ...

* good job Obelix! - part 8

* it would be nice if they made many old cartoons b4... i just have comic books ,my brothers and i use to collect... but i also want to watch it all too..

* You know, this Asterix movie has an more dark atmosphere, which kinda discerns it from the other movies.

* in italian
il druido รจ tratto!

* It is a real song, i got on my Mp3.

* were all the asterix comics adapted to cartoons? and how many books r there?

reply : 34 books and 6 i think are cartoons

- only 6?=( i want the old cartoons...

* Isn't Cacofonix's singing horrible? Cause that AIN'T horrible!

reply : It probably is horrible, we're just experiencing it from Getafix's perspective, and he's hallucinating. ;-)

* Haha, omg! Thats Brian Blessed as General Motus!!!

* I love how Cacofonix refers to his condition as being "stoned". XD

* THANKS FOR POSTING! What a treat to find it in english!

* Hey, does anybody know how this incredible song is called, who wrote/sang it and how I can get or buy it? I love it since I have watch this Asterix movie when I was less then 6 years old! I still have the film on a recorded VHS.
Please, can someone help?

* The song Cacofonix sings is called Zonked written by Michel Colombier and Kathleen Wakefield. It's not available to buy.

* Excellent work, by Toutatis!

* the translation is good .. although the original are still better in frnech , truly a masterpiece of comic . kinda weird asterix never been popular in the united states . im from montreal (Quebec ) so they played it every year , i wonder if the rest of canada knows who he is .

* Somehow it's strange: I'm german, the original comic is french, the movie is a german/french-co-production and still I'm watching the movie in english. *g*

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