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Wonderful stories from Little Buddha

Lama Norbu comes to Seattle in search of the reincarnation of his dead teacher, Lama Dorje. His search leads him to young Jesse Conrad, Raju, a waif from Kathmandu, and an upper class Indian girl. Together, they journey to Bhutan where the three children must undergo a test to prove which is the true reincarnation. Interspersed with this, is the story of Siddharta, later known as the Buddha. It traces his spiritual journey from ignorance to true enlightenment.

Part 2

Comments from yu tube videos

a favorite.


* Nice movie * do u have the whole movie??

* Indeed our greatest enemy is our self...when Buddha reached the enlightenment he just realized that we are the lord of our ego. Thus, the earth is the witness of his own greatest enemy...since we are nothing but a part of the ocean which f we only realize our own source...(GOd)

* Interesting, so god is the ilusion of our ego. But, if he calls the earth as a witness to non-existence of ego, than the earth is something that does exist! Is everything an illusion according to Buddhism? And those fears he faces, unfortunately they don't just disappear in real life, while you sit like that! Try on a road, you'll get run over!

* This is so beautiful, exciting and so well done! I'd love to see the whole thing! Thanks for sharing. Awesome!

* all these fears were just an illusion.....

* the fact that you are here means it has been eons (perhaps billions of earth years) and you and I are still not enlightened. The buddha took 6 years in his last reincarnation. With his written formula, we could in theory, take less than that.

* Awesome Movie :) Epic!

* i must have seen this more than 30 times but it still inspires me when Buddha confronts Mara (the personification of the ego self). This is profound stuff!

reply : exactly! i keep comin back to view tis video couse of tat..

* blockbuster. name: LITTLE BUDDHA

* thanks so much for posting this! I believe it is slightly different form my copy of the dvd.

* I saw it in my History class, and tell u what it was really nice film.

* Thank You for spreading this wonderful message :-)
It's one of my favorite movies ...

"If you tighten the string to much, it will snap,
If you leave it too slap, it will not play."

The Path to Enlightenment is in The Middle Way!

* amitabha!
thanks for sharing this video!
can i know where can find this movie?

* Cool. I didn't know there exists a slightly extended version of this movie.

* i luv this movie. were watching at school and it is awesome!

* This is interesting. For people who don't understand, there wasn't five literal women or an army that attacked Buddha, they are just symbols of yourself, things you must overcome. Ego was last because it is the biggest hurdle to overcome. That imagery and stories came along later to help uneducated poor understand better.

* My favorite part too! Remember, it took him six years of asceticism to break him down to the point where his ego was pretty much completely gone by the time he awoke. Pretty awesome, eh? This whole ego-driven life is an illusion. Wow! Strangely relieving. Cheers. -Kirk

* Try practicing Zazen meditation of the Zen school of Buddhism. Just search "Zazen" in Google and you'll find numerous guides.

We all have the potential to be a Buddha inside of us. This is called "Buddha-Nature"

* this movie is amazing

* How long does it take to reach enlightenment?...

* where is there to go when the buddha is everywhere?

* Mara is not a real person! In the end we see that buddha realizes he is the deep dark side of his own. And he lives in every human being as greed,lust,ego,ignorance.

* Does anyone know what the music is right at the end of the film as the credits start to √Ęppear?

* One thing that I don't think is real about this is that Mara is an actual person. I think that he is really a state of mind, kind of, that the Buddha made contact with because of his deep level of meditation. Mara, who I think is a state of mind, has only been personified into a person. But that isn't really important, its only the things that 'Mara' did that matters.

* So keanu plays budha and Neo who is a kind of budha who meets the architect as well...
No wonder why keanu is a buddhis in real life as well, he was born for this characters!!

* Mara, is the personification of the Evil One. He is both physical and a metaphor. In this case, Mara is the "False Sense of Self", sending feelings of desire, greed, fear, pride and ignorance to the meditating Sidhartta before his enlightment. Notice how Mara, tried to convince Sidhartta by using "Pride" that what he has achieved is worthy to be called God. Many deep underlying meanings here and ther .... look out:) Amitabha

* This world is corrupted with so many greedy and perverted people. Hear my word out, keep on reciting in the name of Lord Amitabha and you'll be gifted with something special worth more than anything in this world.

* This is not epic Buddha lived in a real world and gave a way to the astrayed. The world here isn't the physical world but the world within. Your Own Mind

* just like the buddha said, we are pure elution, we do not exist, what we have is our mind, we are empty..

* i feel i have buddha inside me like everybody has it.... i want to see i want to feel and wanna experience ...what he has experienced
my name is SHANKAR and i live in india

* Can anyone tell me what the name of Siddharta's outfit called? I never really knew the name of it.

* Neo! still trapped in the matrix.

* self realization is the message that i've learn from the movie.This material world is temporary and Lord Bhuddha set an example for how to become free from the bondage of this world.

* Even if you don't win a hundred times fighting one hundred enemies,you'd be the biggest conqueror if you could conquest only one,yourself (Buddha)

* "God save me rejection ... From my reflection"

Mara: You who go where no one else will dare. Will you be my God? The architect of my house?

Siddhartha: Architect. Finally I have met you. You will not rebuild your house again.

* Thank you for sharing this beautiful movie and message.

The classic Buddhist dialogue between Mara (Lord of Darkness) and Siddhartha takes place at the end.

... The EARth is my witness.

* anibody know where to download this movie from? please thanks in advance

* Fantastic scene really fantastic!! Big thanks!!

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Assume for the time that the story portrayed in the movie The Little Buddha is a metaphor. What might the prince's father represent?

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