Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix watch online videos

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - Part 1

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - Part 2

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - Part 3

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - Part 4

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - Part 5

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - Part 6

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - Part 7

Remaining three parts

Some good and interesting
comments from you tube for this series of stories

Thank you very much, I met them many years ago at school, at Lycée Franco-Costaricien
Pura vida!

* Great work! Thx

* Asbestus of Marathon, winner of the Olympic Marathon!

* Asterix on the Tube, and in English? Now that's nice. ^_^ I really appreciate these English voiceovers, cos they're quite close to the original version.

It's good to see the little Gaul having so many fans overseas too. ;-)

(and if you've figured it out, yes I'm French...)

* i never heard of this, but it's interesting. notice the hourglass. Saturn, then the amanita sun mushroom. You notice the guy with the wings on his head, says he doesn't need magic potion, well he has wings on his head. Then the apple.

* i love the song

* i absolutly love asterix, this has to be one of the best animated films about!
i used to have it on video recorded off the tv but someone had recorded over it!! so happy i found it on here

* "Brutus stop playing with that knife you'll end up hurting somebody"
What irony!

* used 2 have it on video-cassette xD asterix ruLezZ

* thank u so much for putting this, i really love asterix cartoons, and comics

* Indeed - Amazing.

* Hahahaha the romans think that the Gauls are gods-just because of the magic potion!

* i always enjoyed asterix and the others knocking the crap out of the romans

* awesome thank you so much

* ah-hahahahaha!!!!!!! love it

* One of my favorite animated movies!

* I LOVE this movie's soundtrack. Anyone have it?

* it is bring back memories

* Thank you so much!!! I was just thinking about this! I used to watch it when I was very young on the Disney Channel!

* The theme is awesome!

* just like in every cartoon!

* i love the asterix comics

* What a trip that cave is! Love the subway!

* "what pink form?"
rofl Asterix's expression just killed me.

* Maybe that's why Brutus did what he did.

* Not often happened. Obleix getting licked by someone.

* im soo hungry now and im watching this at like 1:00 am.

* This was my favorite part of the movie, althought the version I have seen is French. Thanks for uploading this :)

* Yeah man, and I love that choir tune!

* I had a copy of this tape long ago.
and it was recorded over from this point..

OH bless you! and thanks for the upload now i can complete this movie

* Ooh, the Place that Sends you Mad! I loved that task. Truly, anyone who can conquer bureaucracy has godlike powers.

* i used to love this scene when i was a small kid i looked at it several times gotta love obelixs freak out! lol! XD

* Obelix got owned :D asterix pwned the guy ceaser's laugh is creepy...

* The food task just makes me hungry every time.

Replies : Me too!
Yes but the omelet is my favourite.

* hahaha i loved that when he did with the eyes flashing like a siren

* haha thats one of my favorite parts

* thanks for putting this in utube...

* Obelix looking at that woman so funny

* man, that tiny looks very unenthustiatic.

* i really really love asterix comics, but its also good watching it too... more please

* that really is a crazy place.

* love it

* its as good in english like in german

* This is an astonishingly good rendering into English!

* where are parts 1-6? I LOVE this one, but I want to see it in its entirety.

* Ooo its in english awesome! Lmao i love this film.

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