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Children Story A trip to Heaven

This video is continued from the Tales of Akbar Birbal. The story in this video is quite inspirational and shows the wits of wise Birbal. The audio is in Hindi Language, so below is translation in English.

King Akbar is getting his beard shaved by his Barber, in his royal palace. The barber starts the conversation to please the king.

Barber, 'Majesty, you are a great king. Every body praised you in your country as well as in other countries.'

King Akbar, 'Thank you.'

Barber, 'You take care of your kingdom with keen interest and consider the people of your kingdom as members of your family.'

Then the barber shift the conversation of praising the king with a 'but'.

'But, What', asks the king, 'am I overlooking somebody? or Is anybody body feeling lonely?' king Akbar shows his concern.

Barber, 'The way you take care of every one, have you ever thought about your ancestors?'

"My ancestors?" the king replies with some surprise, he continues, 'How can I take care of their needs? Allah gives peace to their souls, they have long left this world."

The Barber is quick to answer, 'You sure can take good care of their needs, your majesty'.

The king replies, ' I do take care of my ancestors, we pray for the peace of their souls, we have built royal tombs in their remembrance, and they are frequently remembered.'

The barber however has some other plans, he replies, 'I am sorry your majesty, I don't mean to disturb you, have you ever sent anybody to the heaven? to know the needs of your ancestors?'

King Akbar replies, 'Is your brain in proper condition? How can one return and take a tour to Heaven?'

Barber replies, 'your majesty i have herd of a Siddh Yogi, who can send anybody to heaven and call them back. Vajir (prime minister) Abdul is his devotee, we can call him and get the details of the same.'

The king seems to get interested and tells the barber to tell Vajir (prime minister) Abdul to call the Yogiraj in the court the next day.

Next day in the royal court of king Akbar he asks his prime minister if he has called the Yogiraj in the court, if he is present in the court.

Vajir Abdul, 'your majesty, yogiraj Niranjan is wating outside the court, if you give the permission may he be called?'

The king orders, 'Call him in.'

The gate keeper gives a shout, 'Yogiraj Niranjan Baba show your presence in the court.'

A man clad in clothes of a yogi enters the court, and stands in front of Akbar.

The king says, 'You are welcomed yogiraj, I have herd that you can send anybody to heaven and can bring him back.'

'Alakh Niranjan', Yogiraj gives a shout, 'The glory of God is infinite, I am just a devotee. If anybody goes to heaven and wants to come back, it is possible.'

The king gives a glance and the members of the court are amazed with what they just herd.

The king says, ' I want to know if my ancestors are ok in the heaven and if all their requirements are met with in the heaven.'

Yogiraj Niranjan, 'I can surely do this your majesty, but you will have to send somebody to whom you trust totally, one who is close to you.' as the king gives a deep thought to what is being said.

Vajir the prime minister says, Your majesty, according to me you should send Birbal to heaven, there is nobody else to whom you trust more, he is your favorite too. I am sure he will listen to your orders and the not minding the pleasures of heaven, he will return too.'

The king to Birbal, 'Birbal, will you do this journey for me?'

Birbal does not delay for seconds to reply, 'Sure your majesty, I will consider myself fortunate to do this journey for you!'

He asks yogi, "Yogiji, how much time will it take for this journey?, when will I return from this journey? and How will i go to heaven?'

Yogiraj, 'I will lit a sacred fire and as you enter the sacred fire, I will open the doors of heaven with my divine powers. If you wish you can return after two months, very few returns leaving the pleasures of heaven.' and he concludes with a shout of 'Alakh Niranjan.'

Birbal, 'Where will this happen, Yogiji?'

Yogiraj, 'We can do this any place, but this time we will do it on the banks of sacred river Yamuna.'

Birbal to Akbar, 'Your majesty, I will be away from my home for a long time, so I ask you for 4 to 5 days finish some jobs before I go.'

Akbar, 'Sure, Birbal." and turning to yogiraj he says that Birbal will return after 5 days to commence his journey and he should start preparing for the same.

After five days on the bank of sacred river Yamuna a pile of wood has been set for the journey of Birbal to the heaven. Yogi raj is all set and awaits the king and the Birbal. The king arrives with some of his ministers.

Yogiraj with a dish filled with articles to perform the ritual chants few mantras, and invites Birbal to stand on the pile of woods to commence the journey to heaven. Birbal bids a goodbye to the King. The king Akbar too bids a goodbye and asks him to return soon, Birbal affirms that he will be back soon. The prime minster and the barber gives a look to each other and giggles.

As the final rights are being going on, Birbal on the pile of woods ready to be ignited by the fire Akbar shows his confidence in the Yogiraj and asks him with concern that was he sure that Birbal shall be unhurt. Yogiraj assures the king that he had sent many people to heaven, and nobody had any kind of problem. Akbar begs his pardon for the question.

The fire is set there is no screaming of Birbal. Yogiraj goes to the king and tells him that Birbal is on his way to the heaven and will return after two months, if does not gets entangles in the pleasures of heaven.

Prime Minister Abdul, 'Sure he will return, there is no one more trustworthy than Birbal', he contines, 'Isn't it your majesty?'

Akbar, ' Sure, Sure!'

Yogiraj, 'Now we should wait for the return of Birbal.'

The king leaves the place thanking the Yogiraj.

King Akbar is not in the best of mods while a minister is talking about the defense solution. He begs the pardon of his minister Mansingh and says, 'He remembers and mises Birbal much, two months have passed since his journey.' he continues, 'What did Yogiraj said, i think he gave the time of two months?'

Vajir the prime minister is quick to stand up and respond, 'Yes your majesty, but he also said that most of the people do not return as they cannot leave the pleasures of heaven, may be Birbal has also denied to leave the pleasures of heaven?'

Akbar, 'No!, I trust Birbal and he will surely return.'

As the king Akbar completes his sentence a man with long beard robed in royal clothes is seen entering the royal court. He bows to the king.

The king and the court members gives a glance on the man and are surprised.

The King is happy and showing his pleasure asks the well being of the bearded man, Birbal.

King, 'Tell, me about your journey, Birbal.'

Birbal, 'Your majesty, the journey was quiet a good one, and the heaven is more beautiful than what I had herd of. I met your ancestors, all of them, they are very happy there. Yogiraj told the truth, to return from heaven is quiet difficult, but i promised you and so I am present here.'

King Akbar, 'Congratulations, I knew could trust you Birbal, are my ancestors happy? are they ok? are not they missing anything? and why are your hair so long?'

'Your Majesty, they have sent a request through me, because there is no barber in the heaven my hair have grown long. Everybody's hair and beards have grown long in heaven. Your ancestors wish that you send your barer to the heaven.' said the Birbal.

'Sure' relied the king, ' Call the barber instantly, along with the Yogiraj, fortunately I had invited Yogiraj to stay with me. He is also here.

Yogiraj and barber enters the court and stands before the king.

To Yogiraj, King Akbar says, 'It was fortunate that my barber advised me to send somebody to heaven. Birbal has just told me that my ancestors needs a barber, so start preparations t send him to heaven, tomorrow itself it should be done.Both of you will receive gifts from me, I am pleased with both of you.'

The Yogiraj is dazzled by what he herd and the barber fell on his knees begging for mercy. He continued, 'This yogiraj is a fraud, and I did what I did, on the directions of Prime minister. He is jealous of the fame of Birbal, I don't want to die so early. Have mercy on me, if I made to sit on the fire, I will surely die. I don't know how Birbal was saved, but I will not survive.'

King Akbar gets much disturbed by the wicked ploy against his favorite minister Birbal and orders his soldiers to put the Yogiraj and barbers behind the bars.

To Abdulla he says, 'I can hang you if I wish, for this wicked act, but since you have served me so long I grant your life, but I don't want to see your face now on. I give you the orders to leave the country.'

The king orders his soldiers to drive the prime minister out of the boundaries of the kingdom.

Then turning to Birbal he said, 'My friend, let us know that we all want to know, how did you came to know about this ploy against you? and how did you escape from the burning fire?'

Birbal said, 'Your majesty, the day Yogiraj came and presented the plan to send me to heaven through fire, I understood that something was fishy. So I asked for 5 days. During those five days I got a tunnel dug, which started from the place of fire to my home. That day I stood right beside the door of the secret tunnel. As the fire was ignited I opened the door of the secret tunnel and escaped to my home.'

He continued, 'to know the fact it was necessary that anyone of the three to accept the crime. Barber was the weakest of the three and I decided to make him the target. That is the reason for long hair and beard.

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