Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Writing Short Stories

Here is video found on you tube, the authors gives the tips on writing short stories.

Author Ziv Navoth explains the 5 techniques he used to write Nanotales, a collection of 83 short stories which have just been published. Visit http://www.nanotales.net for more info and more videos.

He says in the video, How to write stories, that was the question that bothered him, when he tried to write short stories, but could not. Eventually he found out five steps to get out a story out of one. The five step he explains are as follows

1. The first step about writing the stories he says is to forget everything about learning. Seems much of a Zen approach to me and very effective too. He says not to listen to other people's advice (what about this advice? :) ) other people have different experience than one. One has to go with what works for one.

I like the first advice pretty much. It reflects the uniqueness of each individuals being environment and nature. Great first point
Ziv Navoth!

2. Second point he suggests is also equally good one.
Ziv Navoth suggests to find someone who believes in you , someone you can trust, somebody who reads whatever you write and would comment on it whether it is bad or whether it is right.

Well this second step seems so true. When i started writing on my first blog dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba. My first writing experience, that was what i needed i guess and that was what i got, which kept me going and improving. Writing on the blog had other advantage, there were people on the web i had never met, who came forward with inspiring comments and emails. This second point is much needed to keep one going. Yes there have been writers with the gust to write who did not care for what others said, they wrote because they wanted to write. These are few and gifted one. I guess, the second point is important for most new writers whether for short stories or anything else.

3. Third point he says is to find and audience may be family members, friends or the people really interested in the subject you write about. To promise them to send them stories everyday or every week.

I guess i have answered this one in the second point itself. Yes this helps, got audience from the web and seeing their interest in whatever was written, the blog had to be updated with new stories or articles.

4. Then the point he puts is to keep that promise. Yes that is needed you have to write if you want to become a writer.

Lastly he quotes Hemingway (an American novelist, short-story writer, and journalist), write one true sentence, write the truest sentence you know and that's all it takes.

Yup, writing the truest you know is yet one of the most important aspect of writing. Not just copies or learned form others.

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Thanks for the great post. You can find some of the stories at www.nanotales.net.



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