Sunday, April 6, 2008

Inspirational Story - Motivates You to Fulfill Your Dreams!

An inspiring story based on the Wright Brothers. Armed with nothing more than a high school education, they rose above all obstacles and achieved the impossible.

Be inspired by this lesson about attaining success even if the odds are against you!

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They wouldn't know unless you put your caring thoughts into actions to touch their hearts.

Some positive and elevating comments from the you tube to tell more about the video

Great message! I can see from your site you want to inspire people. You are doing it, I think. Thanks!

* Actually the Wright Brothers bought the engine that powered that first flight for $50 from Alexander Wilks Vaughan, the real inventor. I guess there are more ways than one to fulfill a dream. I just wish they had seen fit to give credit where credit was due. --Just setting the record straight!

* Excellent! Very good message... I do believe that if you believe in something from deep deep depths of your heart, it will become true.. no matter what! God surely helps such people.

* Sweet!

* Awesome that it is long journey, enjoyable though hard near impossible. First time, what next.

* i've visited your inspiration junction website and i love all inspiring movies there! very attractive designs and soothing music..made my day..thanks!

* Well done!

* nice pictures, great flash and good meaningful message

* SkyQuestCom, this is so cool..
I wish to have your totally awesome skills!!! :)

* hi:) 1st one!lovely..i've been searchin' the net for inspirational flash movies like this one..glad i found yours!i'm addin' it to my website..keep em' coming!!

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