Friday, April 25, 2008

Cartoon Network Grooves - Circles - Video for Kids

Some selected comments from the you tube on this video clip to tell you more

* luv this song and video

* Aw brings back memory's when i was about 5,6,and 7 and mabye 8. i used to wake up at about 5 or 6 in the dak and look ant old cartoon's and this.

* This video reminds me how much better the old cartoon network was.

* i seirously am crying from all the happy memories i have from this thank u

* I remember watching this when i was little and life was fun. It makes me want to cry.

* I love the subtitles (what the characters are saying)
"I don't remember getting this many chairs- Betty must be redecorating" XD

* This killls my bad moods in the afternoon

* can't beat the classics

* Funny parody of the crappy Hanna Barbera cartoons. They always pass by the same tree, chair, vase etc.

* this song takes me back to CN's golden age

* this song is the best one ever

* i love cartoonetwork

* my friends still like to listen to this. even my kid. This song. Is absolutely Legend

* this song is so totally catchy.
i like it.

* i love this so much thank you. i wish i could do that i love this band and really love the song it kicks .i appreciate.

* The very first favorite I ever Favorited on youtube, and still my number one. Please, don't ever delete this song!

* my cat, when she walks this songs starts playing and i think she nows how to dance to it because she always likes it! i wouldnt blame her it is a great song!!!

* I remember watching this on TV when i was little. Wow. I wasted so much of my life watching cartoon network.

* I love this song so much. More then my last fav song

* My second favorite groove back from the old days... The first being "The incredible shrinking day"

* this is one of the first music videos from cartoon network i saw on boomarang and liked from the first time i saw it. The ever so classic cartoon background where you see the same tree stump 5 million times.

* circles my brother showed me this groovie and now im addicted.

* This song is so relaxing and it brings back memories.

* My favorite Cartoo Network Groovie when I was the kid (along with "Josey and the Pusseycats: Music through the Ages").

* These cartoons are going extinct and I worry for them.

* Sweet, i remember searching for this song a few years ago, but it wasn't on youtube yet.

This clip indeed brings back a lot of memories.
I loved watching this clip on cartoon network, really miss CN :(

* cartoons used to be so good now even boomerang kinda sux.

* Cartoon network used to play this great song. Thank you for posting this!

* THANK GOD FOR YOU! im so glad you put this vieo on. its awesome.

* Fricken sweet *applaudes* those were the golden years 1992-1998 R.I.P. Cartoon Network

* It took me two whole nights of practice but I can finally play this song! Whose laughing now Dad! :D

* I went to Arizona this summer to a relative's house. They had special cable (Cox cable) they had Boomerang. I love it!!!!

* i miss the old cn but i have boomerange so its all good....but i loed it when they first put this song on there and ive been looking ever sinse then

* This is way better than the original version!

* Awesome!!! Soul Coughing Rocks and so does Hanna Barbarra!!!

* Oh my goodness...I have DREAMT of this song/video for the last 10 years. I can't believe I found it. Thank you so much!

* I love these little old cartoon shorts from Cartoon Network. I still watch them on Boomerang, I always try to record them.^^

* this reminds me o the good old days when cartoons where actually hand drawn

* I may not be a fan of Hanna-Barbera but it's still a good video.

* Thank god!!
You dont know how long I was looking for this song!!

* THSI SONG SOOOO AWESOME! This is also my favorite commercial on Boomerang. i sing along when it comes on

* Nice Beat!

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