Friday, December 14, 2007

Marathi Panchatantra cartoon stories for children

Below is the list of the wise stories of Panchatantra, in Marathi Language. The kids will love this animated video clips, while getting some inspiration and learning.

Story No 1

The story of mongoose

I loved this story, emphasizing the love and care of animals towards their masters. There are many stories about dogs, true stories, of how dog would risk their lives and even give up their lives, for the protection of their master or master's property.

This story is about a mongoose. A man brings a baby mongoose and present it to his wife. The mongoose is breed and brought up by the couple. Once the lady goes out for her daily chores, leaving the mongoose near her baby child. After completing her chores, she returns home.

What does she see?. She watches the mongoose sitting in front of the door of the house. The mouth of the mongoose drenched with blood. The sight brings about all kind of negative thoughts and feeling in the mother. She thinks that her dear little lovely child has been killed by the same mongoose, they fed and brought up.

Overcome by grief of the thought of her child being killed, Anger rushes in her system. She, in the rage of anger kills the mongoose, that is how one acts in anger. No time to see the actual thing, anger immediately draws one to destruction.

Then she rushes to the room, to see the condition of her wounded child. What does she see?. The child is peacefully sleeping. A snake, eminent threat to her child, was lying dead close by. She felt the relief, seeing her child safe and sound. Not only safe protected and saved from the dangerous snake. She rushes out to thank the mongoose. Alas, the mongoose lied dead on the floor.

The lady smitten by anger, was helpless and grieved by what happened through her. This reminds me of the teaching of gGeorge Gurdjieff's father to him, just before he passed away. His father said to him that he had not any material wealth to give him. He asked him to remember just one thing. Never act out of anger, if anger takes over you, tell the other person that you will answer him after 24 hours. George Gurdjieff, later told this advice he followed, and it gave him tremendous benefits.

The moral of anger is relevant for kids and adults both.

Related Parable on anger by Sri Ramakrihsna.


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It is very good. Recording is also very good. How do I find other stories in marathi on your blog?


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Nice Blog man....

For more stories visit Panchtantra Story


Scribbles! said...

Wow...really nice to post short stories in marathi and hindi. and i'm really amazed to see a video of the story...thanks it has helped cause i was looking for stories for children in marathi to teach my students.good work...keep it up!

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Hello there, we are planning to start a website based on animated marathi/ hindi flicks for children. I would really like to get you email address so that we can talk further on this.

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