Monday, December 17, 2007

9 Handpicked videos of Christmas Story Jesus Birth from you tube

Merry Christmas !!!

For those who would not like to spend much time searching for good quality videos of Christmas stories, Jesus Birth , here is a list from you tube, for the same.

The first video titled, "The Christmas Story", is The Christmas Story from The Bible Experience New Testament (, the 2007 Audio Book of the Year, blended with beautiful artwork by Michael Dudash (

The pictures blended with beautiful narration makes it a worthy watch.

Above video, is "The Christmas Story told through paintings by eight renaissance artists: Andrea Del Sarto, Bellini Giovani, Durer Albrecht, Lotto Lorenzo, Pietro Perugino, Raffaello Sanzio, Rubens Pieter Pauwel, Tiziano Vecellio."

The great art work and enchanting classical music certainly will give divine moments to the lovers of Jesus Christ.

Above, "Renaissance artists Christmas cards", is another good collection of paintings by renaissance artists. Contains art related to Jesus Christ birth and Child Jesus Christ. Great to send as Holiday Christmas card from You Tube.

The above, "Luke 2 - The birth of Jesus", is "based on Luke 2 and this is the International English version. You can download the high quality file via Please feel free to use this video as widely as possible to help spread the Good News of Christmas."

In this video one can read the story of birth of Jesus as it is narrated.

Above video, "The Birth of Jesus - Luke 2: 1-20", "Produced by the Victoria Video Club Workshop 2005. This video brought together five members of the video club for a rewarding project working with the Cadboro Bay United Church, Minister Mark Green, the wonderful children from the Sunday School, Paul Miles for his narration, and musician Christine Chepyha and sound engineer Gordon Miller who produced the soundtrack."

Another well made video.

Above, "The birth of Jesus taken from Luke" the sample is taken from the Bible Experience.

A comment on the video says more about it, " This audio sample is taken the Bible Experience New Testament on CD.

It comes with 18 CD's and has a DVD. I haven't stopped listening to this set. It is incredible. Even if you have already read the bible and know it. This CD set will allow you to experience the bible in an incredible way. I thank God for this gift."

Another comment says, " Great story indeed."

" Animated Christmas Nativity Scene

Hear the glorious story of the birth of Jesus with this animated Nativity Scene.
When the button is pushed, the beautiful story will unfold for 90 seconds, accompanied by the choirs of Christmas carols. The characters near the manger will light up, one at a time, while the music plays"

"THIS MAN CALLED JESUS is a Christmas Drama that draws thousands each year. 37,500 attended in 2006 during 15 performances over three fabulous weekends. Presented by a costumed cast of over 350 with live animals, inspiring music, drama, awesome sound effects and lighting, this is a "must see" Christmas holiday event! This two-hour production brings to life before your eyes the story of "Jesus" beginning with his birth and continues with his ministry, miracles, trial, and death by crucifixion, glorious resurrection and awesome ascension. A spectacular "Heaven" scene finale' leaves the audience in awe! Bring all your family and friends''! Arrive early as seating is on a first-come, first- serve basis. Free parking"

The music "I love you Jesus, more than anything", penetrates the heart. A heart touching song with good images from the play.This one not to be missed by Jesus lover.

Another good one, "Matthew 2: The Christmas Story read to Jazz music, illustrated with still photos." Good music and good narration and a good watch.

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