Thursday, May 10, 2007

Give and only give - a true story about selflessness

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This is a story of a little known, gentle, mystic figure, Durgacharan Naag was his name. Popularly known as Naag Mahashaya, he came under the influence of the great saint of modern India, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, who so blessed him that he became a blessing to many!

Naag Mahashaya became the very picture of humility and selflessness, of self denial and self-abnegation. He wanted nothing for himself. He was poor in the wealth of the world, but never did any beggar return from his door empty handed.

One day, Naag Mahashaya had only a few grains of rice left. He had not eaten the whole day and he was getting ready to cook those few grains of rice, when a man came to his door for begging, “I have not had a morsel of food for the last two days, won’t you give me something to eat?”

Naag Mahashaya forgot that he was hungry, that he had starved the whole day.

He did not say to himself, “Let me share this rice with poor man. Let me give him half, and keep the half for myself.”

Instead, in his benevolence, he gave away all he had, for in that beggar he beheld a living, moving image of his God—the God whom he worshipped in the shrine of the heart within. He parted with all that he had and rejoicing as he sang, “Not mine but Thine be the glory, O Lord! Blessed be Thy name!”

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