Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thoughts and feelings

Today in the local newspaper there was a short story, which had a deeper insight.

Once a king was chit chatting with his prime minister about the thoughts and the feelings. He told the prime minister that since the thoughts cannot be seen or read it is very easy to befool people. The prime minister did not agree on this and asked the king for an instant experiment on the same.

One man was walking towards them. The prime mister asked the king to mentally curse the approaching person and think negative about him. The king did so. As the person came closer to the rulers, he had to bow to the mighty ruler and did so.

As he was leaving the prime minister asked the person about how he was feeling about the king at that moment. On the question, clearly a little fear could be seen on the face of the person inquired. The prime minister assured him that he has to put forward the fact and no harm would be done to him, regardless of his answer in negative.

The person said that he could not understood, but to the kind whom he considered highly, at that moment there was a strange feeling arising in him, to curse and abuse the king. There was a repellent force working towards the king. He was thanked for an authentic answer and sent away.

After a while another person was seen approaching them. This time the king was asked to think well about the person and shower his love towards him from within. The person came near paid his respect towards the king and prime minister. His beaming and happy face did not require the king and the prime minister of how he felt. The face and the happy gestured said it all.

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