Friday, May 16, 2008

The reward from tales of Akbar Birbal

The tales of Akbar Birbal continues from the last video of a witty story. This one is called the reward.

The video clips contains the witty stories of Akbar Birbal in Hindi. A short transcript in English for the story given in the above video clip.

The guard on the gates of the palace and administrative office of Akbar is seen taking bribe from the visitors, of Kind Akbar. A poor musician from Rajasthan awaits his turn and is stopped by the guard. The guard demands five gold coins, from the poor musician for being able to meet the king.

When the musician denies giving the sum of five gold coins, the guard notifies him that it was the law and he guides him to the one who made that law, the chief of the security guards. The chief of security guards is seen sitting in the luxurious environment, leisurely smoking a pipe. He asks the guard not to allow the visitor unless he pays the required sum.

The poor singer visits the intelligent prime minister Birbal for this problem he faced. He is invited with respect, and Birbal listens to him. Birbal becomes aware of how the poor people are being robbed by the security guards. He assures the poor singer that soon he will be able to meet the king and please him with his music and gain some monetary award. The poor singer leaves with gratitude.

Another singer approaches the gates of palace and is encountered with the similar demand of five gold coins, and the meeting with the ruthless and greedy security chief. The singer makes a deal with him, that if he is allowed he will give half of the reward given to him by the king. Being aware of the big heart of the king and that he rewards liberally, the greed of the security chief readily agrees.

The singer is thus allowed to see the king and pleases the king with his Rajasthani music and singing. The king is too pleased and asks the singer what he would like to have as the reward. The singer demands for getting whipped a hundred times. Everybody including the Akbar gets surprised by the demand. The king asks him the reason for asking for punishment instead of the wealth which he intended to give. The singer insists for what he had asked.

The king agrees and call a whipper. As the man with the whip approaches the singer, he stops him and tells the king that he has promised someone to share his reward. He tells how he was met with the demand of five gold coins and meeting with the security chief and his agreement of sharing the reward.

The king thus becomes aware of the bribery going on outside his palace and orders the culprits to be imprisoned and anyone wanting to meet him can meet without much resistance.

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