Monday, November 5, 2007

Lord Hanuman brings the Sanjivani lifting the mountain

This video clip is from the animated movie Ramayana - The legend of prince Rama by Yugo Sako (India/Japan - 1992 - Nippon... Ramayana Film Co.)

During the great battle between the Sri Rama and his monkey and bear warriors, and Ravana the ruler of Lanka and his demon warriors, the younger brother Sri Laxman and the head of bear warriors Jambavan gets seriously wounded by Indrajeet, son of Ravana and a great warrior.

They come to know that only Sanjivani Butti ( a miraculos herb) found in the great mountain range of Himalayas can heal the wounds.

Himalayas were to far from Sri Lanka. However, it was not a difficult task for Sri Hanuman, the Sevak and the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. Sri Hanuman was blessed, with many miraculous powers, since his childhood. Two of those powers where that Sri Hanumann can make his physical form from the tiniest to the largest. Another one being he could fly.

So Sri Hanuman sets of by air in to the Himalayas, in search of the magical herb Sanjivani. The flight of Sri Hanuman is beautifully animated. On the way is shown how Sri Hanuman's heart is filled with joy, just having a look at Ayodhya, the birth place and the kingdom of Sri Rama.

Sri Hanuman reaches the Himalayan range, and finds the magical herb, Sanjivani. He decides to carry whole of the mountain, so that all the wounded warriors can benefit from it.

He puts His another power of assuming the desired size of physical form, uproots whole mountain and carry it back to Lanka.

Sri Rama, is quite pleased to see his beloved younger brother Laxman, getting back to health by the herb.

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Below are couple of videos of the sacred text Sri Hanuman Chalisa

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