Sunday, August 19, 2007

Animated Stories of Bala Krishna

This animated video shows, how young Bala Krishna was tied to grinding mortar, by his mother Yasoda for his mischievous behavior. As mother Yasoda leaves, young (Bala) Krishna starts walking along with the tied grinding mortar and passes from between the two trees grown side by side, uprooting the huge trees. As the trees fell with a large sound, two human forms appears with folded hands and show their gratitude to lad Bala Krishna for giving them mukti (liberation), from the tree form. They weretwo beings called Nal and Kuber, who had to spent their time as tree forms, due to curse given by Narada. At the time of curse Narada had told that Lord Vishnu himself will uproot the trees to liberate them from the tree form.

Another story shows how, Nanada and Yasoda migrate to another region called Vrindavan or Brindavan or Vraj. Kansa the demon uncle of Lord Krishna sent a demon name Vatsasur. Lord Krihsna while acting as a cowherd locates the demon, who had took form of a cow, to bring an end of Bala Krishna. Lord Krishna infact brings the end of the demon.

Also how Gopis or cowherd girls, becomes victims of mischief of Bala Krishna. And complains to Mother Yasoda for the same is shown.

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