Friday, June 22, 2007

Story of destiny

This is the clip of video from Sai Baba of Shirdi TV serial aired on star plus channel of Star T. V. In the Story Sai Baba is shown telling a story to the kids.

The story goes as

What ever happens, high-low, good-bad, all happens due to one's destiny. It is destiny that puts one in trouble and it is the destiny that gets one out of troubles. But when destiny gets crossed with one it puts one in trouble. Many a times Some other person's destiny also affects the others. One might get good name, a much more due to some one else's destiny who is around or related to him. But some does not understand this and throw away the good destined person from their home and relation. The result being they end up facing troubles. Today i will tell you a story. One day a village is taken by storms and heavy rain.The stormy winds and the water was dangerous, it started from morning, from morning to dawn and from dawn to night, it did not seem to stop the fury. Outside the village there were few people. Due the the fury of wind and the rain they took shelter under a tree. The lightening would come near the tree they took the shelter and would be about to strike and return. This happened four to five times. Thus the tree would not fall, as the lightening did not actually strike the tree. One of the people who took the shelter under the tree said that one of them was suppose to die that day and that was the reason that the lightening was nearing the strike on the tree and returning. If that person is removed from beneath the tree the rest will be saved or else everyone else will have to die due to that person's destiny. A female ask how they would know who that person was? A man came up with an idea. He said that one by one each one would go to near by tree and return. Who ever was destined to die will be struck by the lightening and will meet the end, and the rest will be saved. Every one liked the suggestion. And one by one everyone began to go to the tree on the opposite side with fear of being struck with the deadly lightening and when it did not happen would come back with joy that he was not the one destined to meet the end that day. This happened until only a poor girl was left to go to the other tree. All the other people now believing themselves to be lucky one's began to verbally attack the girl that, she was the one destined to meet the end and they were in danger of losing their lives due to her. She was apparently pushed with hatred to the other tree. Something happened which they were not thinking about, while they were waiting to see the lightening strike on the poor girl and kill her. The agony and the compassion of death coming to a human was over casted by the fear of themselves meeting the death. What happened was that the lightening struck the tree they were standing beneath, and all met the end. It was due to that girl's destiny that the lightening was not striking the tree. Once she was forced by them to the other tree, the lightening struck and they met their end. On the girls face was the agony of them meeting the end rather than her getting saved. It was this girl because of whom they were saved until she was pushed. And their way of thinking made them move away from the destiny which was saving them.

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