Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Sufi Story - Nasrudin trying to fill pitcher

Miniature of Nasreddin Hodja
Miniature of Nasreddin Hodja (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In order to teach this truth to a would-be student, who was 'full of himself', Nasrudin got a pitcher and took the young man to a well in the village.

The Mulla drew a bucket of water up from the well and poured it in the pitcher. Then he drew up another and another until the young man could contain himself no longer: 'Mulla, mulla!' he cried out. 'There is no bottom in the pitcher and the water is pouring out.'

'Nonsense!' Nasrudin retorted. 'I am trying to fill the pitcher and my eyes are fixed upon the neck. When the water reaches the neck of the pitcher, it will be full. What on earth has the bottom of the pitcher got to do with it?'

This incident perplexed the would-be student and he pondered the Nasrudin's insane actions for several days, until the truth suddenly dawned on him. So he went back to see the Mulla and, cap in hand, he said: 'Mulla. Please teach me about the pitcher. I am now ready to learn.'

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